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About Art of the Valley

Our Vision:

To create a space where local artists can display and sell their work at reasonable prices. Working with different charities within the Chippewa Valley to help those in need.


We will work with 12 different charities each year one charity per month. As an artist, you will have the opportunity to donate a percent of your sales for that month for any particular charity. The art world is a world of giving and what a better way to help those in need by specifying a certain percent of your sales. We will keep track of every transaction and you will be given an update at the end of the month on just how much you donated and to whom. You can choose to donate every month or pick and choose the months that you like

Children's Art

Our children have so much talent and very few places to display that talent. Once a quarter we will make room in our store to sell your children’s art and possibly have a meet the artist night. They will also have the opportunity to donate some of the money they make to the charity of the month. All monies from the children's art will go back to the children. 

Artist of the Month

Once a month Art Of The Valley will feature a different artist. The Artist of the Month will be promoted within the store as well as on our Facebook page and website. What a great time for you to send friends and family to review your art.

Artist Night

Once a quarter, during featured artist night. Our customers will be able to come in and meet the artist. We will offer some sort of food and drink and try to make it a fun exciting evening.

Photo Studio

A photo studio for professional portraits. 


These classes will be held by the Local artist teaching other people how to do their art..


Dennis, Kathy, & Nathan Steinke

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